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Ab Machines

Ab Machines are specifically designed for working your abs and there are several different styles that you can choose from. A crunch machine holds your arms and body in a specific position to make sure you perform the perfect crunch. A vertical knee raise (VKR) holds your back steady while you raise and lower your legs. The sit up bench is a classic workout bench that can decline and hold your feet in position while you perform sit ups. All three of these styles of ab exercise will give you great ab workouts!  Give us a call or send a quick email with any questions you have and Thank you for considering FitLine Fitness Equipment.

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Precor AB-X Ab Machine

Precor AB-X Ab Machine

  • Biomechanically correct movement
  • Multiple feet and arm positions fit all sizes
  • Unique design creates the ideal crunch

Strong core muscles support your body and make everyday movements more efficient. Strengthen your core with our commercial series Ab-X, used in fitness clubs worldwide. Designed to target your abdominal muscles precisely and stabilize your core while you exercise, it delivers a focused ab workout.