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Working out with Dumbbells is a great way to build upper body muscle and strength. You can do bicep and tricep workouts and shoulder and back workouts. When doing dual arm workouts you have to really tighten your core in order to keep correct form. The dumbbell normally comes in 5 lb graduations and a typical dumbbell set runs from 5 to 50 pounds. There are a variety dumbbell styles and racks to hold them. Give us call or send a quick email with any questions you have and Thank you for considering FitLine Fitness Equipment.

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Body Solid SDRS550 Dumbbell Set

Body Solid SDRS550 Dumbbell Set

Price $1,099.00

Patent pending SDS 'Secure Dumbbell System' combines one-piece cast heads with steel inserts, pinned, press fitted, and welded. Their compact design makes them shorter in length and easier to handle than conventional dumbbells. Durable rubber coating prevents damage to floors and equipment. Available 5-50, 55-75 or 80-100 lb. sets.