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Exercising on a Treadmill is a great way to mimic the most natural motion that your body performs, walking and running. It is a great way to build your fitness or train for competition. We carry many models from several manufacturers, including Precor, BH Fitness, Vision Fitness and FreeMotion. Give us a call or send a quick email for help with choosing the right model for you, the most expensive is not always the best!

FitLine treadmills are from long-time manufactures that employ high quality standards, long warranties and well established networks of responsible dealers and service providers. We have treadmills starting at $999 and even these less expensive models far surpass the durability and feel of anything you will find in a department store or on Amazon. Thank you for considering FitLine Fitness Equipment.

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Precor TRM-885 Treadmill

Precor TRM-885 Treadmill

MSRP $11,995
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  • Embedded media with the P80 touch screen console
  • Unparalleled Feel and Quiet Operation
  • Smartest Treadmill with Active Status Light

The insight-driven design of our new TRM 885 treadmill delivers optimal performance and durability for operators and unparalleled feel and quiet operation for exercisers. Equipped with an Active Status Light, facility staff is alerted to the operating status of the treadmills at a glance.

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